Austria, Windischgarsten O.Ö. Marktgemeinde
Set of 4 notes containing: 1x20h, 1x30h, 1x60h, 1x90h
Condition: 1 with stain 4mmx2mm on left border other notes close but not quite up to normal grade mostly due to light age disoloration.
Katalog Des Österreichischen Notgeldes 1916-1921: FS 1245IIIa
Issue Dates: 09/06/1920 - 31/10/1920
Banknote Details
Country Austria
Authority Windischgarsten O.Ö. Marktgemeinde
Banknote Index Set Name Windischgarsten O.Ö. Marktgemeinde 3a
Material Paper
Catalog Reference FS 1245IIIa

Windischgarsten O.Ö. Marktgemeinde, 1x20h, 1x30h, 1x60h, 1x90h, Set of 4 Notes, FS 1245IIIa

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